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Silicon-manganese Allo

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Silicon-manganese alloys composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements, is a widely used, large production of iron alloy. Silicon-manganese alloy is commonly used oxygen scavenger compounds, but also the production of manganese metal reducing agent in production of low carbon ferromanganese and electrosilicothermal method. Silicon-manganese alloys can take continuous operation in large, medium and small smelting furnace for smelting.

 Silicon-manganese alloys consumption of ferroalloy products accounted for second. Silicon and manganese in silicon manganese alloy, and the oxygen affinity is strong, the use of silicon manganese alloy in steelmaking, the deoxidation products MnSiO3 and MnSiO4 melt were 1270 degrees and 1327 degrees, has the advantages of low melting point, large particles, easy to float, good deoxidizing effect etc.. The use of manganese or silicon deoxidation alone under the same conditions, the burning rate is respectively 46% and 37%, and Si Mn alloy deoxidation, the two loss rate is 29%. Therefore, it has been widely used in steelmaking, and its output growth rate is higher than the average growth rate of ferroalloy. It has become an indispensable complex deoxidizer and alloy additive in the iron and steel industry. The carbon in silicon manganese alloy below 1.9%, or for the production of semi-finished products of low carbon ferromanganese and electric metal manganese silicon thermal method. In the ferroalloy production enterprises, the use of silicon manganese alloy steel is usually called commercial Si Mn alloy, the silicon manganese alloy low carbon iron smelting called for use of silicon manganese alloy, the manganese metal called silicon manganese alloy. Manganese combines with silicon to synthesize silicides MnSiO3, MnSiO and MnSiO3. Silicon-manganese from the state can be seen in the figure, the most stable silicide is MnSi. Due to silicide formation free of manganese can negative, so the manganese carbide production is far greater than the negative values of free energy, the higher silicon content in silicon manganese alloy, while the carbon content is low.

 Silicon-manganese alloys are used at the same time, carbon manganese ore reduction in submerged arc furnace (including manganese rich slag and silica) in manganese oxide and silicon dioxide and refining production. Sign of the normal production of silicon manganese alloy furnace is stable working current, full load operation, the electrode plug balance and deep electrode consumption, uniform speed, under normal, per hour down length of about 200mm, eyes open, good furnace wall, iron slag, smooth, high temperature, iron slag fluidity well, easy separation. The alloy composition is stable, m (CaO+MgO) /m (SiO2) in slag is between 0.7~0.8 and MnO is below 10%. The composition of the furnace gas is normal, O2 is less than 2%, H2 is less than 8%, the furnace is slightly negative pressure (49Pa), and the furnace temperature is lower than 600