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Composition and characteristics of brown corundum / white corundum / chrome corundum

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Composition of corundum abrasives

Q: what are the main ingredients of corundum abrasives?

Answer: corundum abrasive is the main component of alumina. Corundum abrasives include: corundum, white corundum and Ge Gangyu, etc..

1, Zong Gangyu, the quality of alumina is about 93%~95%, is the use of bauxite, anthracite and iron smelting in the arc furnace.

2, white corundum is 96%~98% of alumina in arc furnace smelting (crystallized alumina bauxite is chemically refined).

3, Ge Gangyu is added in the white corundum 0.5%~2% chromium oxide, chemical reaction into red, also known as red corundum.

Characteristics of brown corundum:

Q: what are the characteristics of brown corundum?

Answer: brown corundum is characterized by more impurities, brown. The utility model has the advantages of high hardness, good toughness and high grinding force, and is suitable for grinding carbon steel, alloy steel, hard bronze, etc. the utility model has the advantages of low cost and wide application. Brown corundum grinding wheel is mainly used to grind the common material.

Characteristics of white corundum:

Q: what are the characteristics of white jade?

Answer: white corundum features: high alumina content, white. White corundum is harder and more brittle than brown corundum, and the abrasive grains are quite sharp. The abrasive grains are not easy to wear, and the worn abrasive grains are easy to break and form a new sharp edge. Therefore, it has good cutting performance and self sharpening, produced in the process of grinding grinding than corundum low, suitable for grinding various workpieces of hardened steel, high speed steel and easy deformation etc..

Characteristics of chrome corundum:

Q: what are the characteristics of chrome corundum?

A: the characteristics of chrome corundum: aluminum oxide doped with chromium, rose red. The toughness is higher than that of white corundum, and the cutting performance is slightly higher than that of white corundum. In like conditions, the surface roughness of the chromium corundum grinding is small, suitable for all kinds of grinding hardened steel parts.