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High temperature dust removal technology of bag filter

2016-01-06 hit:

1, basalt filter material high temperature bag dust collector

Basalt fiber with natural mineral raw materials preparation and its melting, temperature resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation performance is better than other varieties of fiber, can be used at 600 DEG C or higher temperature, basalt fiber products will not release toxic substances in the air and water medium, water solution, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant.

XI'an Abundance Electric Technology Co., high temperature filter bag dust collector Ltd basalt in the national science and technology support project "" 12th Five-Year "basalt fibre filter material preparation and application of" key technology and demonstration of development, has been put into operation and the successful completion of the project acceptance. The project mainly includes the structural and physicochemical properties of fiber Xuan Wuyan, Xuan Wuyan development of fiber surface modification technologies research, Xuan Wuyan fiber filter material weaving technology and properties of high temperature, bag filter. Based on the study of the characteristics of basalt mineral composition, the physical properties of basalt fiber, the needling process of basalt fiber filter material and the surface modification technology, the high temperature basalt fiber filter material was developed. Basalt filter bag filter has high temperature resistant high temperature above 330 DEG, low investment cost, stable operation characteristics.

2, ceramic filter cartridge high temperature dust collector

Ceramic filter is the use of porous ceramics (cordierite, silicon carbide) covered with a thin layer of ceramic membrane surface (less than 50 m) manufacturing, ceramic filter has many advantages, such as high temperature (300~900 degrees), high mechanical strength, resistance to high pressure (4MPa), acid and alkali corrosion resistance, long service life, filtering accuracy higher. Ceramic membrane pore size of 0.5~3 mu m, so for less than 10 m solid particles of dust removal rate of up to more than 99.5%, to meet the industrial gas and solid on the two efficient and deep filtering. For the superfine dust collection effect, can meet the requirements of <5mmg/Nm ultra stable net emissions of fand.

The beginning of 1970s, the U.S. Department of energy to carry out the development of high temperature gas filtration technology in ceramic filter media in the developed countries, Germany, Japan and Britain have carried out similar work, and has made great progress. At present, the high temperature dust removal filter medium is usually made of porous ceramic material, porous metal material and ceramic fiber reinforced composite porous material. Ceramic material has excellent heat resistance, chemical stability and high temperature corrosion resistance, but toughness and thermal shock resistance is poor.

Some domestic universities, research institutes and enterprises have carried out relevant research and development work, and makes the application of miniaturization, in improving the thermal shock resistance of the porous ceramic filter cleaning and regeneration performance, the key technology to improve the removal efficiency and reduce the filtration resistance and prolong the service life, it has made significant progress. However, due to the dispersion of resources, failed to form a joint force, especially in the equipment of large-scale, low-cost industrial application development is also facing many technical problems, we should strengthen technical research. It is suggested that the research and development of the technology and equipment of ceramic filter cartridge high temperature dust collector should be carried out according to the idea of integration of production, learning and research. Ceramic filter cartridge has a natural advantage in the process of dust removal and denitrification.

To achieve high temperature flue gas dust removal, cement kiln tail, glass kiln using SCR technology to solve the technical problems encountered at the same time, at the same time to further improve the efficiency of waste heat power generation provides space. In addition to the cement industry, glass industry, in the future, the high temperature flue gas dust removal in blast furnace gas, steel sintering and pelletizing, coal-fired power plants and other special industries also has a good application prospect.