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What are the characteristics of electric furnace transformer

2015-10-28 hit:

An electric furnace hydraulic system consists of the following four parts:

(1) Drive part, namely oil pump. Its function is to convert mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy. Commonly used oil pumps are vane pumps, piston pumps, etc..

(2) The executive part, namely the cylinder. Its function is to convert the pressure energy of the pressure liquid into the mechanical energy of the moving parts. The tilting cylinder cylinder furnace, furnace cover lifting cylinder, cylinder and cylinder electrode loosen electrode etc.. These cylinders are used to carry out the action of the electric furnace.

(3) The control section, that is, to control the flow of fluid pressure, flow and direction of various valves. Its role is to meet the requirements of the thrust of the executive part, the direction of action requirements and action speed requirements, etc..

(4) Auxiliary parts, including oil pipe, oil tank, accumulator, oil filter, pipe joint, pressure gauge and liquid level meter, etc.. Its function is to drive part, control part and execution part into a system, and has the connection, measurement, storage, storage and filtering functions.