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Calcium Carbide Smelting Solutions

Calcium carbide is with carbonaceous material coke and lime as the main raw material, the design of feed is purchased qualified lime and coke, the qualified lime and coke were loaded with bucket carts, by weighing after using artificial feeding respectively weighing coke and lime, respectively using the trolley hoist for transport to the 2 building platform, artificial added after mixing furnace.


Calcium carbide production continuously in a semi closed electric furnace, the current transformer input, through the self baking electrode into the furnace internal full charge. The current smelting process generated by arc heat and heat resistance of furnace charge is heated to 2000 DEG C, the temperature of calcium oxide by reduction of formation of calcium carbide (calcium carbide) and carbon monoxide (CO) liquid gas, CO gas through the material layer to escape, and will generate CO2, charge preheating. The smelting process of continuous work, the appropriate depth electrodes in the furnace, stably inserted in charge of submerged arc operation, with the proper feeding surface decreased, the surface shape of Steamed Buns keep a certain height, always maintain a stable structure and complete material layer.


Timing with burn device and open mouth bar release of calcium carbide, calcium carbide furnace into the liquid from calcium carbide carbide in the pot, close to the end time flow made of electrode paste and coke powder mud ball plug mouth, by the tractor carbide pots transport to pouring cooling.


After cooling, by a crane out of the calcium carbide calcium carbide, according to the number released stacked in the casting room. Transfer to the finished goods warehouse by forklift, and carry out crushing, grading, weighing, packing, storage and storage. Packaging according to the technical requirements specified in GB/T-5956-1995 packaging. Net content of 50 + 0.5kg bags per bag, or according to user packaging.


The electrode paste of the self baking electrode needs to be regularly added to the electrode shell. The current through the electrode shell produce hot paste sintering, in the heating process of electrode paste from solid into liquid, melting into a whole, at the same time, electrode paste volatile evaporation, forming good conductivity, graphite electrode with certain strength. In order to ensure that there is enough electrode length at the working end of the electrode, the electrode should be periodically distributed along with the baking and consumption of the electrode.


The cooling water of the electric furnace and the cooling water of the transformer are supplied by the water pump room. After natural cooling, the water is supplied to the boiler by the water pump, the water consumption of the electric furnace is only used to supplement the consumed water regularly.


The lining material selection of self baking carbon brick lining masonry, furnace wall and bottom with refractory bricks, high alumina refractory brick, corundum brick by mouth. The bottom of the self baking carbon brick three layer, the furnace wall high aluminum brick building, built after the bottom electrode paste.


The main source of pollution in the production process is the electric furnace flue gas, raw material processing, small amount of dust produced by the ingredients.

Electric furnace production uses recycled water, no industrial wastewater discharge, no solid waste.